Updated 12-Sep-2012

Knitting Goes Medieval - the Book Project

The knitting book by Anna-Karin Lundberg: Medieval-Inspired Knits: Stunning Brocade & Swirling Vine Patterns with Embellished Borders

The Knitting Goes Medieval project is presented in a richly illustrated book with kniting patterns for twenty unique projects - sweaters, vests, and mitts - as well as photos of the medieval church paintings.

Photos by Kenneth Ekelöv and Tom Silvennoinen

The swedish edition of the book, Maskor och medeltid - Sticka bårder, bladrankor och brokadmönster, is published by Ica Bokförlag. (ISBN 9789153436942).

Excerpts from the swedish edition can be seen at Provläs.se.

The book is due to be published in German in october by LV-Buch im Landwirtschaftsverlag, as Himmlische Strickideen: Bordüren, Blatt- und Brokatenmuster neu entdeckt. (ISBN 978-3784352138)

The US edition from Trafalgar Square Books, due in december, will be titled Medieval-Inspired Knits: Stunning Brocade & Swirling Vine Patterns with Embellished Borders. (978-1570765612).


In 2005 a marvellous treasury of motifs caught my eye in the medieval churches in the province of Uppland, Sweden. Many of their murals are decorated with an abundance of ornaments: swirling vines, the use of stencils in brocadelike patterns and embellished borders of many kinds. The use of colour is simply amazing! People in pre-industrial rural Sweden found inspiration in these ornaments and used the style to decorate homemade furniture, make wood carvings and embroidery of household textiles.

The impressions from this treasury of ornaments inspired Knitting goes Medieval. The resulting collection of patterns combines medieval painted ornaments with the gratifying craft that is knitting.

Photos of some of the finished garments and some paintings that inspired the designs can be found under the headline GALLERY.

Yarn and knitting technique

For yarn I mainly use Kampes 100% wool 2-ply, and I knit mainly with traditional Nordic knitting techniques. As a result, the garments – tunics, jackets, sweaters, vests, hats and mittens – all have a traditional look, without actually being traditional.

Knitting patterns

You can buy patterns for some of the designs here on the website as downloadable PDF. The pattern for Norrsunda hat and mitten is available for download free of charge. Terms and conditions will be specified under the headline ABOUT KAJSA STICKS

Photograph with sweater Norrsunda TrebladMural from Norrsunda church