Updated 18-Aug-2015

Sånga Fågelkrans Childs Sweater

Pattern for download

Price: 7,50 USD (Incl. Swedish VAT. Final VAT amount depends on the buyer's country.)

The stylized bird on the sweater Sånga Fågelkrans is inspired by a stencil-made motif from the vaulted ceilings of Sånga church. Several birds are flying up there amongst saints, biblical scenes, stylized flowers and climbing vines. Some birds perch on top of a vine, like a flower on a stem. Sånga Fågelkrans means Bird Wreath from Sånga in swedish.

Because of the height of the bird motif, the pattern has two sizes only: age 2-3 years and 8-9 years. The smaller size has room for two birds on the front of the sweater and the larger holds three.

The pattern includes charts, sewing on machine and cutting for sleeve openings.

Measurements of garment

Underarm approx. 70 (89) cm, length approx. 35 (50) cm, sleeve length approx. 25 (40) cm.


100% wool 2-ply from Kampes (100 g = 300 m) or similar.

Aternative yarns, if you can´t get the Kampes 2-ply wool yarn originally used for this design.

Needle size

2.5 and 3 mm circular needles (40 and 60 cm long), 2.5 and 3 mm double pointed needles.


27-28 sts and 32 rounds stranded knitting as in chart on larger needles = 10 cm.

This pattern is also available in swedish



Knitted childs sweater with bird pattern from Sånga churchMural with bird pattern from Sånga churchKnitted childs sweater with bird pattern from Sånga church