Updated 25-Sep-2011

Norrsunda Bladkrans Hat and Mitten

Free knitting pattern for download

The open wreath motif on the hat and mitten appears in several places in the murals in Norrsunda church in Uppland, north of Stockholm. There it is used as a brocaded pattern on several biblical figures’ clothing and is painted in many different combinations of colours. ”Norrsunda Bladkrans” means Open wreath from Norrsunda in swedish.


The hat Norrsunda Bladkrans is made in one size and has a loose fit on a small head, and a more tight fit on a larger head. The dark mitten in the cover photo is knitted in mens M, the lighter one in ladies M.

Aternative yarns, if you can´t get the Kampes 2-ply wool yarn originally used for this design.

This pattern is also available in swedish



Knitted hat and mittens with pattern from Norrsunda ChurchMural from Norrsunda kyrka