Updated 18-Aug-2015

Allerum Draperi och Bladknippe Mitten

Pattern for download

Price: 6,25 USD (Incl. Swedish VAT. Final VAT amount depends on the buyer's country.)

A drapery painting from the partly preserved medieval murals in Allerum church in the province of Skåne inspired the corrugated rib and the wave patterned border on the mitten Allerum Draperi och Bladknippe. The main motif of the mitten is a spiral border from the top of the drapery. The vaulted ceiling above is decorated with stylized vines and thin leaves in bunches, painted in black on the limewhashed surface. The mitten has such a bunch of leaves, knitted in intarsia with black yarn on the top side of the mitten. Allerum Draperi och Bladknippe means drapery and bunch of leaves from Allerum in swedish.

Allerum Draperi och Bladknippe mitten is available in two sizes: Ladies S and ladies L/mens M. Measurement of garment: approx. 27 (29) cm long and 10 (11,5) cm wide.

Yarn: 100% wool 2-ply from Kampes Ullspinneriprodukter (100 g = 300 m) or similar, and a small amount of Drops Baby Merino from Garnstudio or similar (the black yarn that is used for the intarsia motif should be as non-fuzzy as possible, to prevent the dark fibres from spilling over into the lighter yarn).

Aternative yarns, if you can´t get the Kampes 2-ply wool yarn originally used for this design.

Needle size 2,5 and 3 mm double pointed needles.

Gauge 28 sts and 32 rounds stranded knitting as in chart on larger needles = 10 cm.

This pattern is also available in swedish

Photographs from the church ©Allerum church




Knitted mittens with pattern from Allerum churchPainted drapings on the wall of Allerum ChurchPainted bunches of leaves in the floor of Allerum church